A national distributor for Renu Electronics for North America 

Phoenix Sales is an industrial controls distribution company located in Batavia, Illinois. We service most major markets from coast to coast across the United States, from our suburban Chicago location.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, making sure that our customers can have their questions answered, so they can concentrate on improving their processes. Phoenix Sales works to ensure our customers end up with the right product for their business, and continued phone and in-person support to be able to use it in beneficial ways.

Our electronic products are manufactured in China and India, and sold in volume to help manufacturers across the United States. Our human machine interfaces and programmable logic controllers can be used for T-shirt printing, food processing, home elevators, or any multitude of machine applications.

With 256 IO points, most of our products give a wide range of flexibility for users, and fit within the small to medium-sized machine market.

In addition to HMI’s and PLC’s, we also sell a variety of power supplies, industrial cellular routers that better allow for virtual IT solutions, and a variety of other electronics products for businesses.

We have been in the electronics and industrial controls sales business for 10 years. Our employees have decades of combined engineering and sales experience. That experience translates into the ability to make sure that you walk away with a product that will truly help your business efficiency and production.

We currently have reps working in major industrial markets from California to Chicago to Florida, and everywhere between. We are always looking for the right sales representatives to increase our stronghold on the small to medium-sized machine market.

Contact us now to find out how we help businesses accomplish more.